We strive to bring you the best learning opportunities and make contributions to your
future development and have a positive impact on society.
Our Plan
ITSFF enables more students to communicate on a larger platform, not just in school. It encourages and supports students' creative passion and interests in film through more communication, and expands their horizons to learn morecreative methods and skills.
ITSFF has built a platform that responds to interest in film learning.
ITSFF is a motivation project established to enable the youth to have differentin
teraction opportunities, to increase awareness of other cultures from different
segments of society, and to reinforce the feeling of understanding of in dividu-als
from different principles and social structures supporting young film-mak-ers.
The movies from all around the world will be another means to express cultural variety and diversity. Through this festival, you will simultaneously have the opportunity to swap ideas with the youth from around the world and to share ideas with important names in the world of cinema.
Kabbo Kabir
It is a very high quality festival n it was a honourto be selected! A very warm welcome, promptcommunication and wonderful camaraderie. Wecouldn't go to China but they made us feel likewe were there. Thank you ITSFF for being sowonderful.
Mohammad ferajzadeh I am very happy that my son's film was honored atthis festival. I hope that the festival will continue
Juan Pablo Rendón
ITSFF a great festival to encourage the work ofnew filmmakers from all over the world, althoughthe online connectivity was somewhat complicat-
ed, there was no problem with the language barri-
er. Great Work
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