International Competition
Best International Fiction Short Film:Telephone Booth
Best International Documentary Short Film:Taking a Seat for Justice: The 504 Sit-in
Best International Animation Short Film:Take Heart!
Best International Experimental Short Film:In My Arms I Carry

Best Director:Maxim Sharkman Bogdanov(Jacob Night Rides a Rainbow)
Best Writer:Ava Bounds  (Hello Frisco)
Best Performance:Max Bogdanov (Jacob Night Rides a Rainbow)
Best Cinematography:Sajjad Dadpour (Blue)
Best visual effects:Hugo Long (Fever Dream)
Best Editing:Ethan Hunt  (Spare Body)

Special mentions:
A Daugther's Cake
Girl Scout Cookies

Teen Choice Award:
Telephone Booth 
Jacob Night Rides a Rainbow
National Competition
Best Live Action Short Film Award:《於我归兮》Come Back To Me
Best Documentary Short Feature Award:《新年乱谈》New Year,New Birth
Best Animated Short Subject Award:《我愿》I Wish
Best Creative Short Film Award:《19》19
Best Director Award:朱曼琳《我是花卷》I’m Hua Juan
Best Screenplay Award:施怡《考试》The Test
Best Performance Award:刘文婧《钢琴》Piano
Best Art Award:蔡闽芝 Denial
Best Score Award:《19》学生团队《19》
Best Editing Award:陈子扬《口罩》The Mask

Teen Choice Award:
《我是花卷》I’m Hua Juan
《於我归兮》Come Back T Me
《秀莲》Llving Alone

Viewer’s Choice Award:
《武汉,你好》Hello, Wuhan
《遇仙问礼》In The Fairy Asked
《流浪猫》A Stray Cat

Special award from the Organizing committee:
《我和我的校长》My Principal
《潮涨》Water Covers The Water
Youth Theme Feature Competition
Youth Aesthetic Education Recommended Film:《我的三平方》Mr.Motor
Best Youth Theme Film:The Hoop
Best Youth Theme Director:Anna Kurbatova   Unreachble
Best Youth Actor:徐源《顺子加油》Run Shunzi
Jury prize:The Target