5th International Teen Short Film Festival Jury International Jury
David Marconi

Writer, Director, Producer

David Marconi is a famous screenwriter, film producer andfilm director. He created many popular and box office mir-acles. They include "Enemy of the State," starring Os-
car-winning actor Will Smith, "A Good Day to Die Hard,"
starring Bruce Willis, and "The Battle of England," starring
Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. He has been hailed as
one of Hollywood's most bankable screenwriters.
Kailuo Liu


Liu Kailuo is a film producer, supervision and presenter.Founder of Ningbo Hele Shadow Culture CommunicationCo., LTD. He once served as president of Unity Pictures,vice president of Alibaba Entertainment Group, Vice pres-
ident of Wanda Pictures and Vice president of Pony Penti-
um Pictures. Representative works include "My Country,
My Parents", "Wolf Warrior 2", "The Wandering Earth",
"Reign of Assassins" and "Guns and Roses".
Jim Rygiel

Visual Effect Director

Jim Ridgeer won three Oscar Golden Statuettes and aBAFTA for Best Visual Effects for his work in the "The Lordof the Rings". Jim is a world-renowned visual effects di-
rector and one of the leading visual effects masters in the
field. He set the industry standard for verisimilitude.Jim
holds two PHDS. His work goes back to the 1980s. He has
worked on more than 35 films.Jim is a fellow of the Acade-
my of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild of Amer-
ica and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
He is also a member of the board of directors of the Visual
Effects Society.
Bing Wu

Writer, Director

Wu Bing is an associate professor of production at theManagement Department of Beijing Film Academy, amember of China Film Association, a member of ChinaFilm Directors Association, and a member of the TelevisionProduction Committee of China Radio and Television So-
ciety. Director, screenwriter, actor. Professor Wu Bing
mainly teaches Film Production Management, Film and
Television Project Planning, Production and Marketing, etc.
His representative works include "The Taking of Tiger
Mountain" and "Bodyguards and Assassins".
Stephen Castr


Stephen Castor has 30 years of experience running filmprojects, and knows the art of cinematography and talentmanagement. Stephen. Mr. Castor's main works are: Mi-chael. Jackson documentaries "This Is It" (2009), "The
Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”
(2010), Gulliver's Travels (2010), Conan the Barbarian
(2011), The Amazing Spider-Man 1(2012), The Amazing
Spider-Man 2(2014), Spider-Man:Homecoming (2017),
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), and Spider-Man: No
Way Home (2021).
Independent Jury
Gina Dellabarca

Gina Dellabarca is the Festival Director and co-founder ofShow Me Shorts Film Festival, Aotearoa New Zealand’sleading international short film festival. The festival puts onmore than 100 screenings at 40 cinemas nationwide eachyear. They also produce a range of educational pro-grammes and operate a sales agency. Dellabarca is
Vice-chair of the Board for the Short Film Conference a
world-wide organisation working to promote the status of
the short film and unite the global short film community.
She has tertiary qualifications in film, marketing and man-
agement from Victoria University of Wellington. Her back-
ground includes cinema management, marketing and
publicity. She is a Member of the New Zealand Order of
Merit (MNZM) for services to the New Zealand film indus-
Chenxi Li

Li Chenxi is currently the deputy dean of the Directing De-partment of Qingdao Film Academy, Associate professor,
vice president of the school Trade union, director of the
documentary Teaching and Research Section of the Di-
recting Department, representative of Qingdao Municipal
People's Congress, Member of Qingdao Municipal Com-
mittee of Education, Science, Culture and Health, Standing
director of China Film Editing Society, Standing director of
China Short Film Art Committee, director of China Natural
Resources Photographers Association, member of China
Advanced Film and Television Association, provincial Ad-
vanced Individual of Shandong Province. Many documen-
taries she participated in were purchased and broadcast
by CCTV-9, MCTV of Macao, EYE TV of Taiwan, Star-hub
of Singapore, etc. The director's documentary film "Ring of
Growth" has been screened at several international film
festivals including the 2022 AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festi-
val. Filmed the movie Yue and the documentary film Yu
Jie, which were invited by the Film Society of Edinburgh
Napier University.
Christine Song

Christine Song, director and producer. Founder of theVancouver Chinese Film Festival and Vancouver Interna-
tional Youth Film Festival. She graduated from the Van-
couver Film School in 2009 and has since become a pro-
fessional film producer. In 2013, she launched the Van-
couver Chinese Film Festival, which was strongly support-
ed by the three levels of Canadian government and es-
tablished her position in the Canadian Chinese film circle.
Then she launched the Vancouver International Youth Film
Festival. She has made great contributions to training
young filmmakers and promoting the integration of multi-
cultural films.
Young Mentor Jury
Ji Huang

Huang Ji was born in Hunan Province in 1984 and majoredin scriptwriter at the Beijing Film Academy. Since her firstshort film, "The Temperature of Orange Peel "(2009), waspresented at the Berlin Film Festival, she has been makingfilms on the secret feelings of women. Her first feature film"Eggs and Stone" (2012) won the Tiger Award at the Rot-
terdam Film Festival, her "The Foolish Bird"(2017) won the
Special Award for New Generation at the Berlin Film Festi-
val, and "Stone Gate" (2022) was shortlisted at the Venice
International Film Festival. She started the "Discover Your
Side" video training camp to actively cultivate young film-
Jian Xing

Xing graduated from the Photography department of MeiShi Film School of Chongqing University. In 2015, his film"Winter" won the Artistic Exploration Award at the 22ndBeijing College Student Film Festival and the Best ArtisticContribution Award at the 39th Montreal International FilmFestival. In 2017, he worked as art director on the art film"Trees of Day and Night". In 2019, he won the New Directorof the Year Award at the 14th Chinese Youth Film Weekannual for his drama "Winter After Winter".
Linyang Gao

Gao Linyang is a scriptwriter and director.
Born in 1991 in Taiyuan, Shanxi, he is a director andscriptwriter. "Love Again" won the Tiger Award SpecialHonorary Award and the International Fabisi Film CriticsAward at the 51st Rotterdam International Film Festival.Scriptwriter works: "The Sacrifice"; "Striding into the Wind"was selected for the 73rd Cannes International Film Festi-
val; "On The Border" won the Special Honorary Jury Prize
in the 71st Cannes International Film Festival Short Film
Main Competition. Other novels scattered "Youth Litera-
ture", "Creation and criticism" and so on.
Liang Sun

Sun Liang is a Chinese mainland director and screenwrit-er.In 2017, he directed the crime short film "unlicensed cab
driver", which was shortlisted in the International Short Film
Section of the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival; He
directed his first film "Kill the Shadow", which was short-
listed in the 41st Montreal World Film Festival International
Film Critics Association Award debut competition unit, the
1st Pingyao International Film Festival China Generation
Unit Most popular film Award, the 21st Shanghai Interna-
tional Film Festival Asian New Talent Award.
In 2018, he was the executive director of the children's film
"Yun Jie" and co-directed the animated film "Bear Para-
dise 2". Co-directed the suspense film "The Fridge".
In 2021, he wrote and directed the feature film "Lost in
Summer", which was selected as the most popular film in
the Tibetan Dragon Section of the 5th Pingyao International
Film Exhibition and nominated as the best New Director in
the 69th SAN Sebastian International Film Festival.
Jiangzhou Ren

"The Coffin in the Mountain", produced by Ren Jiangzhou,was nominated for Best New Director, Best OriginalScreenplay and Best Original Screenplay at the 51stGolden Horse Awards in Taiwan. He won the Warsaw Prizeat the 30th Warsaw International Film Festival and the Crit-ics' Best New Director Award at the 71st Venice Interna-
tional Film Festival. In 2016, he won the 16th Chinese Film
Media Awards for Best New Director. The 24th Shanghai
Film Critics' Awards New Screenwriter Award, "Top 10
Chinese Films of 2015". In 2015, he was the screenwriter
and producer of the film "Chasing the Wind". The 2016
non-fiction film "Forbidden Burn" served as the producer.
In 2017, the film "Kill the Shadow" was selected for the 41st
Montreal International Film Festival, the Pingyao Interna-
tional Film Exhibition and held its Asian premiere. In 2019,
he served as the producer of the film "The Coffin in the
Mountain2" and the director of the film "Wind Chaser”.
Teen Jury
International Teen Short Film Festival