3th International Teen Short Film Festival Jury International Jury
Paul Haggis

Writer, Director, Producer

He is the award-winning filmmaker who, in 2006, becamethe first screenwriter to write two Best Film Oscar winnersback-to-back  Million Dollar Baby (2004) directed by Clint Eastwood, and Crash (2004) which he himself di-
rected. For Crash (2004), he won Academy Awards for
Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. The film also
received an additional four nominations including one for
Haggis’ direction. In 2006, Haggis’ screenplays includ-
ed the duo Clint Eastwood productions Flags of our
Fathers (2006) and Letters from Iwo Jima (2006), the
latter earning him his third screenplay Oscar nomination.
He also helped pen Casino Royale (2006), which gar-
nered considerable acclaim for reinvigorating the James
Bond spy franchise. In 2007, Haggis wrote, directed and
produced In the Valley of Elah (2007), starring Tommy
Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, and Susan Sarandon.
Jones earned a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his per-
formance in the film. He also directed The Next Three
Days (2010) and Third Person (2014).
Kieth W. Merrill

Writer, Director, Producer

Kieth Merrill was born on May 22, 1940 in Farmington,Utah, USA as Keith Walker Merrill. He has been a writer,director and producer in the film industry since 1967. Amember of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sci-
ences and a member of the Directors Guild of America.

He is not only an Academy Award director, a pioneer of
the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienc-
es' Lifetime Achievement Award, but also a creator of the
$500 million box office myth and a responsible journalistic

In 1973, he won The Academy Award for Best Documen-
tary director for his work The Great American Cowboy. In
1997, he was nominated for The Academy Award for Best
Documentary for his work Amazon and The Wild West was
nominated for The 45th Emmy Award.
William M. Harlam


He has been vice President of IBM for 25 years, officialpartner of the Golden Globes and a member of the Sun-
dance Film Festival.

Mr. William Harlam is the President and Chief Executive
Officer who established SPEC Strategic Production En-
tertainment Consultants to leverage his 35 years of experi-
ence in finance, contracts, legal, M&A, agency & produc-
tion management, for various industries from Technology
to Media / Entertainment. His vision to bring control to
Production Initiatives as well as Hollywood talent to the
massive China market has been extremely successful.
Wang Yibing


He has acted as a producer for many films, such as CrazyAlien, Dying to Survive, Breakup Buddies, One Night Sur-
prise and Brotherhood of Blades.
Muye Wen


In 2018, he directed the drama film Dying to Survive. Thefilm won the Best Screenplay Award at the 42nd MontrealInternational Film Festival, the Best Young ScreenwriterAward at the 14th Changchun Film Festival in China, theBest New Director Award at the 55th Golden Horse FilmAwards in Taiwan and the Best Original Screenplay AwardThe 26th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Direc-
tor Award, the 10th China Film Directors Association 2018
Young Director Award, the 32nd China Film Golden
Rooster Award Best First Director Award.

On August 24, 2020, with "Me and My Motherland", he was
nominated for Director of the Year at the 11th China Film
Directors Association 2019 Annual Recognition Confer-
ence, nominated for Best Director at the 35th Mass Film
Hundred Flowers Awards, and nominated for Best Director
at the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards.
Li Dan-Feng

well-known sound supervisor

Li Dan-Feng, a well-known sound supervisor. In 2018, hewon the award of Best Sound Effects at the 55th TaipeiGolden Horse Film Festival with the film Long Day's Jour-ney Into Night, which was selected in the Un Certain
Regard at 71st Cannes International Film Festival. His
works have been selected into international first-tier festi-
vals including Cannes, Berlinale, Venezia and IFFR, etc.
Representative works including Long Day's Journey Into
Night, Wrath of Silence, Black Coal, Thin Ice, Have a Nice
Day, Legend of Deification, Nina Wu, The Cloud in Her
Room, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, Dragonfly Eyes,
Still Tomorrow, All About ING, A First Farewell, Single
Cycle and Somewhere Winter, etc.
Yantong Zhu

An independent animation filmmaker,picture book author
Curator and art director of Feinaki Beijing Animation Week

Her animated film “My Milk Cup Cow” has won 24awards all over the world, such as Grand Prix of KROK,Young Animation Award of Stuttgart. She curated "Meta-
phor of Metamorphosis" the 7th China Independent Ani-
mation Film Forum in 2018. In 2019, she started Feinaki
Beijing Animation Week as one of the founders. She was
also invited as a jury member of BIAF and Tricky Women
Ren Jiangzhou


REN founded Beijing sea level film company in 2012.Sincethen, he has produced a series of films and documenta-
ries, including Deep in the heart, Deep in the heart 3,
Chase the wind, ATONEMENT,Annual RinG, Gather,
Burning fields. He won dozens of awards in both of china
and abroad.
International Teen Short Film Festival