4th International Teen Short Film Festival Jury International Jury
Shen Haofang

Writer, Director, Producer

Shen Haofang’s works consistently prefer realistic theme,emphasize on story, characters and real expressions inthe emotional world. From “The Happy Life of ChattyZhang Damin” that gives warm praise for ordinarypeople, to “Sun Zhongshan” that concerns about giantand politics of current events. From “South of the Sea”that manifests the indomitable fighting spirit, to “Livingand Working in Peace and Contentment” that forge theliving version of “Sex and the City”. Shen’s humanisticcare gradually captures the essence.

Thereinto, “The Happy Life of Chatty Zhang Damin” re-ceived the 18th China TV Golden Eagle Excellent Award.
“In the End” won the audience favorite TV series award.
“On the Broad Road” won the Excellent TV Drama
Award at Sino-Us Film Festival. The documentary “Iron
Blood, Setting Sun” has been listed as one of the 13 key
commemorative films across the country by the State Ad-
ministration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.
Kieth W. Merrill

Writer, Director, Producer

Kieth Merrill was born on May 22, 1940 in Farmington,Utah, USA as Keith Walker Merrill. He has been a writer,director and producer in the film industry since 1967. Amember of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sci-
ences and a member of the Directors Guild of America.

He is not only an Academy Award director, a pioneer of
the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienc-
es' Lifetime Achievement Award, but also a creator of the
$500 million box office myth and a responsible journalistic

In 1973, he won The Academy Award for Best Documen-
tary director for his work The Great American Cowboy. In
1997, he was nominated for The Academy Award for Best
Documentary for his work Amazon and The Wild West was
nominated for The 45th Emmy Award.
Wang Yibing


He has acted as a producer for many films, such as CrazyAlien, Dying to Survive, Breakup Buddies, One Night Sur-
prise and Brotherhood of Blades.
Alissa Haggis

Writer, Director

Alissa works as a screenwriter, specializing in adaptation,the most recent being "Ranger's Apprentice" and "Ship-
breaker" (adapted from YA books of the same
name).Growing up as a studio brat, Alissa has held a fair
number of entertainment jobs including Assistant Director
in Toronto (for which she became the youngest member of
the Director's Guild of Canada at 15), 2nd Unit Script Su-
pervisor on location in the Yukon, Wardrobe department in
Latvia just after the Berlin Wall fell, Props, Art department,
Segment Producer for a dating show, Personal Assistant
and P.A. She has also spent time as a studio musician and
elementary school teacher.

Film/Television :“Ranger’s Apprentice” ,“Black
Donnellys”, “Cell 211” ,“Tron: Uprising” Season 2
,“Third Person”,“Ranger’s Apprentice” (TV),
“Shipbreaker” ,“Inversion”,“Arizona”,
“Lisbon” ,“Ranger’s Apprentice” (TV) ,Director
Teen Jury
International Teen Short Film Festival