2th International Teen Short Film Festival Jury International Jury
Li Kun

Host and Actor

In 2006, she began her film career by acting in the film"Alumni". In 2007, she participated in the campus youthdrama "Sunshine and Rainy Season" and the TV series“The Making of Steel". In 2010, she began to host pro-
grams such as "Heartbeat Five serial", "King of the Battle
for Supremacy", "Around" and "Fashion Garden". In 2013,
she hosted "Duets" winner's night. In 2015, she was the
executive director of the third season of "Duets". In 2016,
she served as the chief director of the second season of
"The Taste of Happiness", as the host of the third season of
"I am a Speaker" and the host of "King Cross" as an actor
on the stage of “The King of Comedy”.

China Broadcasting hosts the Golden Microphone Awards
Huading Award for Best Host in China
Excellent host of China TV Golden Eagle Award
BTV Top 10 hosts
Tian Zhuangzhuang

Director, Producer, Actor

In 2005, he directed his first documentary "Tea Horse An-
cient Road · Durham" and won the Best Director Award
at the 5th Chinese Film Media Awards. In 2007, he won the
Best Director Award at the 10th Shanghai International
Film Festival with his first biographical film "Wu Qingyuan".
In 2009, the film “The Warrior And The Wolf", which was
written and directed by himself, was nominated for best
costume at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. In 2018,
he starred in "Us and Them" and was nominated for Best
Supporting actor at the 32nd Chinese Film Golden Rooster

In 1991, he directed “Li Lian Ying, The Imperial Eunch ”,
which was selected for the 41st Berlin International Film
Festival and won a prize.

In 1993, he directed "The Blue Kite" and won the Tokyo
Film Festival Award.
2002 "Spring in a Small Town" won the 59th Venice Film
Festival SAN Marco Best film.
Wang Haowei

Writer, Director, Producer

In 1974, she directed her first film "Hai Xia". In 1979, sheindependently directed the comedy film “What a Family",which won the Excellent Film Award of the Ministry of Cul-
ture. In 1981, she directed the love film "Hidden Net",
which won the Jury Prize at the Figrada Fuge International
Film Festival in Portugal. In 1985, the drama film "Charming
Band" won the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television Ex-
cellent Film Award and the Golden Rooster Award Special
Award. In 1989, the drama film “Oh! Sweet Snow" direct-
ed by her was released, which won the International Chil-
dren's Youth Center Art Prize at the 41st Berlin Film Festi-

The 35th China Film Golden Rooster Award honors film
artists for lifetime achievement.
He Jiping

Writer, Screenwriter, Producer

In 1984, she was the screenwriter of the play "Good LuckBuilding". In 1988, she wrote the drama "Tian Xia Di YiLou". In 1992, she was the scriptwriter of the drama "TheLegend of the White Lady" and "New Dragon Gate Inn". In1998, she was the screenwriter of the drama "Deling andCixi", which was included in the Chinese curriculum ofHong Kong Secondary School. In 2000, she was thescriptwriter of the drama “Yan Yu Hong Chuan". In 2004,she was the scriptwriter of the Republic of China drama"Tian Xia Di Yi Lou". In 2007, she was the screenwriter ofthe action film "The Warlords", for which she was shortlist-
ed for Best Screenplay at the 27th Hong Kong Film
Awards and Best Original Screenplay at the 45th Taiwan
Film Golden Horse Awards. In 2008, she was the producer
of the action film “Jiang Hu Qing". In 2011, she was the
screenwriter of the action film "Flying Swords of Dragon
Gate". In 2018, she was nominated for the Best Screenplay
Award of the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards with the drama
film "When Will There Be". In 2018, she worked as a
screenwriter for the adventure film “Our Time Will Come"
Bing Wu

Writer, Director

Wu Bing is an associate professor of production at theManagement Department of Beijing Film Academy, amember of China Film Association, a member of ChinaFilm Directors Association, and a member of the TelevisionProduction Committee of China Radio and Television So-
ciety. Director, screenwriter, actor. Professor Wu Bing
mainly teaches Film Production Management, Film and
Television Project Planning, Production and Marketing, etc.
His representative works include "The Taking of Tiger
Mountain" and "Bodyguards and Assassins".
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